How do I change to a different programme?

changing programmes:

Please note the steps below all students should follow if wishing to change programme:


1. Seek academic advice – your current Programme Leader or Personal Tutor. Ensure you meet the entry requirements of the new course and speak to the new Programme Leader.


2. Seek funding advice (email if needing to study an additional year. International students should seek advice from


3. Please be aware of the timeline as outlined in the Academic regulations and recognition of prior learning ( You may be required to interrupt your studies (leave of absence) or complete/pass your current programme before changing programe.


4. Apply online to change programme using the following link: Microsoft Forms (


You will need the following information (please contact your Student Advice Centre if you need any advice):


  •  Accepting Programme Leader’s name and email address
  •  Current Programme Title and code. New programme title and code.


5. Your application to change programme will be sent to the Accepting Programme Leader (and Immigration Compliance for international students). Once a decision has been confirmed you will be notified via email. Please be aware of any conditions. Please contact the Accepting Programme Leader if you do not receive a response within 4 days. The Student Advice Centre will contact you if no response is received.


6. International students only: both the Accepting Programme Leader and Immigration Compliance must approve– if a new visa or CAS is required you may need to reapply to change programme at a later date.

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