how do i apply for an extension?

Please Note: This Extensions Request Form is to be used by Business and Law Students only. Students from other faculties should follow that faculties own extensions process.


The University recognises that sometimes students are unable to meet assessment deadlines due to unforeseen circumstances, or have significant personal or medical issues. 


The university offers several options for students in such situations, one of which is extensions to deadlines.


Requests should be made in as timely a manner as possible; this means that the extension request must be submitted 24 hours in advance of the deadline at the latest.  Requests received after this date and time will not be considered. 


Please Note: An extension will not be granted where a student’s own organisational abilities have caused an issue with meeting a deadline. These include poor time management, failure of IT equipment, uploading incorrect information to Turnitin, commitments to paid or voluntary employment and other similar situations. 


Apprenticeship Students – To apply for an extension, apprenticeship students should please complete the Extension Request Application paperwork and send it to HADAADMIN@dmu.ac.uk Please make sure to send your evidence in your email. Requests submitted through the online form cannot be considered.




How will I be notified of the decision? 

We will notify students of the decision by email which we endeavor to do within five working days from date of submission, however, during busier times it could take longer and so we would strongly advise that you submit your request as soon as possible.  


Can I have an extension on my exam?

No. Extensions can only be granted on coursework. If you are not able to sit an exam you should consider applying for a deferral.

Extensions granted on exams, where a student has told us it is for coursework, will retrospectively be withdrawn, and as a minimum standard penalties for non-submission will apply.  


For an extension request to be considered it must be submitted with appropriate third party evidence. 


Click below to see different types of evidence we would accept .

Apply for an Extension

To apply for an extension, you will need to complete this form Application for an Extension to Coursework Form and upload any relevant evidence.  

If you are having difficulties with this or with obtaining evidence, please contact Business and Law Student Advice Centre either on T: 0116 2577243 or by sending an email to balcer@dmu.ac.uk

Apprenticeship Students

To apply for an extension, apprenticeship students should please complete the Extension Request Application paperwork and send it to HADAADMIN@dmu.ac.uk. Please make sure to send your evidence in your email. 

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