How do I change my module?

Can i change my module?

It is possible to change your module depending on a few factors which are outlined below.


PG students only If you are considering changing your final project please contact your Programme Administration Team prior to completing the form explaining that you would like to change and only complete the form if the change is agreed. 

Students On Block Teaching

The deadline to change your Block One module has now passed. We will be unable to consider any further requests.


You will still be able to request a change of future block modules. The deadline for this would be the end of week 2 of each block.


To do this you will need to complete the Change of Module form. Please note that while you can submit the request now, we will not be reviewing requests until the start of the appropriate block


Please note that module change requests are not guaranteed to be accepted.

NON - Block Teaching

If you are not a student on block teaching, unfortunately the deadline to request a change of module has now passed.


We are unable to accept any further requests.

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