How do I pause my studies?

pausing my studies (taking a leave of absence):

Pausing your studies is officially called “Taking a leave of absence”. 


Occasionally, it may be necessary for a student to have to pause their studies during an academic year.


This is a big decision to make and, before doing so, we would recommend that you book an appointment with your personal tutor to discuss your options.


We also recommend that you contact our Income Team ( to discuss any potential financial implications of a Leave of Absence.


International students should also contact our Immigration Compliance Team ( as a leave of absence will likely have implications for your visa.


If, after taking the above advice, you still wish to take a leave of absence you would just need to complete the Leave of Absence form and send it to your Programme Leader to approve.


Once the Programme Leader has signed off your form the Faculty Office can then process it for you.


Please note that you will still need to complete your course within your maximum registration period. Therefore you can take a maximum of two years away from your studies.


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us

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