Extensions & Deferrals

Extension & deferrals:

  1. Extension:
    • Deadline to Apply: 24 hours prior to the submission deadline
    • An extension is a granted allowance that extends the deadline for a particular task, such as submitting an assignment or completing a project.
    • Students may request an extension for various reasons, such as illness, personal difficulties, or unforeseen circumstances that temporarily hinder their ability to meet a deadline.
    • Extensions are typically granted at the discretion of the instructor or academic institution and may require supporting documentation.


  2. Deferral:
    • Deadline to Apply: Up to 10 working days after the submission deadline
    • A deferral involves postponing or delaying a specific academic requirement, such as an exam, admission to a program, or the start of a semester.
    • Students might request deferrals for reasons like health issues, family emergencies, or other significant life events that prevent them from fulfilling their academic responsibilities at the scheduled time.
    • Deferrals are generally subject to approval by the relevant academic authorities, and students may need to provide documentation to support their request.

How do i apply for an extension or a deferral?

Please click on the relevant tile below to find details on how to apply. Please read all of the information carefully before applying to an extension or a deferral. 

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